Liquid Trust Oxytocin

Up for review today is Liquid Trust. However, technically it’s not a pheromone cologne (because it doesn’t contain any pheromones), but rather a Oxytocin based hormone spray. It is a world’s first and it does product some exciting but unusual results. As the name suggests, if you put on the spray, it will product a sense of trust. So what can you expect? Basically, you will have to spend less time building rappore with women because they already feel comfortable with you. You’ll find that women are really open with you and trust you.

Pheromone Cologne Reviews ā€“ Liquid Trust Review

It comes in a small 1/4 OZ spray bottle and it is unscented. Which means you will need to spray a cover fragrance with it. With our experiences, this product really work! We could notice everyone become a lot more chattier and more open about their personal lives. This would be perfect in the work environment, or even when your going for an interview. It’s effectiveness and the cheap price makes Liquid Trust a great product. Note that because it doesn’t necessarily attract women but merely opens them up to you, could mean they see you as a friend rather then a partner.

Our Rating – 8/10

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11 thoughts on “Liquid Trust Oxytocin

  1. Hi, I bought this stuff from spam website and was wondering if it is the same as the product reviewed here.

    With the oxytocin product I bought I found a lot more was needed than the manufacturer specifies in order to get good results.

    Anyone else notice this too or is it just me?

  2. Hi I have bought this product and although I find it effective you do need to use a lot more than the manufacturer recommends. With this in mind the relative price value of the product decreases although I still recommend it for important occasions.

  3. hi, ive used this twice for two days in a row and sprayed maself twice once on the neck n wrist and i did not see any results at all..i sprayed maself half an hour before i had an oral presentation in front of the class and i was shaking like crazy because i was so nervous and i hated it..and no one seemed to talk to me and i dont see myself talking either i need to use more or its not working..

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  6. Iā€™d come to settle with you here. Which is not something I typically do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

  7. Hello. splendid job. I did not expect thisI did not expect this. This is a remarkable story. Thanks!

  8. The best product I’ve ever tried! 110% satisfied customer. Buy it in the right store.

  9. All I can is this is the BEST stuff on the market. You spray it on [I like it in my hair] you go out and people trust you no matter what you say. It has gotten me out of speeding tickets,and I also used it in court and the judge let me go.I used it on a old ex boyfriend of mine who never use to tell me anything.This guy was non stop talking the whole night,and he told me things he would never think of telling me before. It was GREAT! It’s great to get people to talk and tell you secrets.I never leave home with out this stuff.Go to their website to buy it. It’s cheaper that way.

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